Logo changes coming for the Miami Dolphins

                                                                 Possible Logo Leaked

Current Logo
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As a Dolphins fan, I have been impatiently waiting for any news on the logo change since before the 2012 season, when I had first heard of the possibility. Well now there has been a leaked photo. It comes from two sources, The New York City Fan Club, and Paul Lukas'(An apparent athletic aesthetics guru) twitter feed. Mike Dee, CEO of our beloved Dolphins, is reportedly updating us very soon according to his tweet from Monday. Until then all we can do is speculate as to the validity of this logo.

Possible New Logo
Photo Courtesy of the MIAMI HERALD

I personally have never had a problem with our log, however I have always been more partial to our 70's era logo. A great deal of that could be because it will always represent the time frame when the Dolphin's reined supreme. Due to the fact the first news I had heard, was that it would be a mixture of new and old. That just so happens to be something we could use, on more than our logo.

Now if this happens to be the final logo that we move forward with, it will have mixed reviews from the fans.
I have heard everything from joyous comments to complete roasts of the idea of even changing the logo. I personally feel that this truly does incorporate our vintage look with a modern twist. I enjoy the subtle change to the sun. Adding the smaller radiations creates an edgier look. When it comes to the dolphins design itself, I like the direction they have chosen to take. It would move away from the cartoon, helmet wearing imagery of my childhood, and go back to simpler design much like the original logo. All that, while still making a much sleeker and modern version. For this Dolphins fan the logo change only fits the theme of our organization. We are rebuilding, admittedly or not, and like our franchise, our logo needs something new. We have made strides in the right direction as a franchise and perhaps we need a new "symbol" to raise on our flags to represent the "Philbin era". Or maybe this is just the writings of a fan trying to forget the Wannstedt, Saban, Cameron, and Sparano years.
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As Always, PHINS UP,

Kyle Gilmore

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