Apologies: I'm Back

Off Season

First off, I'd like to apologize for being away for as long as I have been. Distracted pretty much sums it up. To get my feet wet, I'm just going to touch on some random things over the off-season in the NFL.

Starting with my Miami Dolphins, I absolutely love the new logo and the new the uniforms. Our free agent signings will go a long way to moving in the right direction. I'm not here to say we are a lock for the Super Bowl, but I am confident we have improved. Mike Wallace will be adding a much needed dynamic to our offense that has been missing for as long as I can remember: Speed and the ability to strike some fear in a defense. Brent Grimes, when he returns healthy, which I feel he will, is going to add a consistent veteran to bring up Jamar Taylor and Will Davis (Our Rookie Corners). Which brings me to the draft. I am ecstatic about the drafting of Dion Jordan with the 3rd overall pick. Yes we gave up our first second round pick, but to move up to 3rd from 12th is worth it, especially for a player with Dion's Potential. Side Note: His lack of sacks in college is not due to lack of talent, it is due to the defensive scheme. I am very tired of hearing this. I'm excited to see the Phins play, and am even more excited for future years.

The following are my random thoughts on the off season. They are in no particular order.

1. In a previous post, I mentioned that I would like to see Alex Smith go to the Kansas City Chiefs. I love that he did. I wish both him and Andy Reid the best of luck.

2. Seeing Marcus Lattimore get drafted to the 49ers was amazing. It's the perfect situation for him. No pressure, simply get healthy and learn under an amazing back in Frank Gore.

3. The Jets are in utter chaos. I enjoy every second of it.

4. The NFC West has simply become the scariest division in my eyes. The 49ers acquisition of Anquan Boldin alone improves their teem greatly. The Seahawks seem to have made a habit of gutting the Vikings roster, and it has made them as deadly as the 49ers if not more so.

5. If our plans for Sun Life Stadium go through, we deserve to get the 50th Super Bowl down in MIA.

6. Tampa Bay's ability to turn their biggest weakness into its biggest strength with the signing of Revis and Goldson should be commended. Its all on you Josh Freeman.

7. Tim Tebow's release, as terrible as it may make him feel, is a godsend for the young man. Its better to be a free agent with possibilities, even as small as they are, then to be stuck as a 3rd string QB on franchise that that is on the downward spiral. I do believe he will be picked up. Not as a starter.

8. Justin Blackmon is disappointing.

9. The 2013 Draft was one of the most exciting drafts that I've watched in recent memory. I enjoyed the depth as opposed to the top end talent. For rebuilding teams, I feel this draft couldn't have come at a better time.

10. So happy that the Miami Dolphins are in the Hall of Fame Game this year.

I apologize for the randomness, this is simply a few thoughts of mine. Looking forward to this year.

Hope all of you enjoyed the off-season as much as I did.

Phins up,