Well It took only 2 years, but Urban Meyer find himself back home where he was an Grad Assistant, becoming the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Is this a good fit? I believe so. Since the Big Ten lost one of the greatest coaches ever in Joe Paterno, Jim Tressell and Rich Rodriguez didnt help do much for the Big Ten image as well. But with Meyers, the conference will get a facelift. I expect him to  become the new face of the Big Ten, bringing respect back  to the conference and get  OSU's tarnished reputation, back on its feet.

     Already making an impact, Meyers presence has brought in two recruits in  Adolphus Washington. The 6'4" 250 pound DE senior from Cincinnati Taft High School, and  Lakeland High's Ricquan Southward, a WR. He had officially committed to Miami, but changed his mind to go with Meyer at OSU.  I would expect ALOT of Florida talent will be making their way to the cold, plain state of Ohio.

I also expect some great Michigan/OSU battles just like the old Bo/Woody days. But I am here to tell you., I think the bigger rivalry will be with Michigan State. That will be the games to watch.
 I expect them to be a powerhouse within 2 years, possibly could happen next year. And keeping Luke Fickell on will help. he is something constant for the players returning and to me thats always a good thing.
 It will be a fun conference and I can't wait until next year!


NBA is back!

The NBA is back! Barring any unexpected setbacks, it looks like the season will start on Christmas day. This is huge for the NBA, because the Christmas day games are often the most watched NBA games until the playoffs.

Some fans are welcoming it back with open arms and look forward to the season starting. Me, not so much. I have enjoyed the focus on college basketball and personally for me, college basketball is a better product to watch than the NBA. So am I glad it's back? Not really, but I'll still watch.

What do you guys think? Excited for the season to be back? Let us know!


Suh and the Inconsistent Refs

After watching the game yesterday, America knows, that Ndamukong Suh will be suspeneded. How many games is yet to be determined, but i will place a bet that it will be 2-4 games. This is a bad situation cause the Lions finally started to turn things around and this is where they need him the most.

Coming from an era that what Suh did yesterday was child's play, All I can say is this. If the NFL is going to hold people accountable for stupid actions like that, then it needs to be across the board and consisitent. Amazing how not one person saw when guard, Evan Dietrich-Smith, took Suh down in an awkard position and continued to hold him. Funny how the refs missed that blatant call. Should Suh have lost his temper? No. He is after all young and probably has played the same way he has his entire life.

We all know change is hard. But Suh must learn to control his temper and become better than that. But I am here to tell you, if it were me, I would have done more than push his face down and kicked him. I am sure of it.
We ask these guys to be as tough as nails, to play through a play, give it your all, be aggressive, kill and get the QB and then in the same breath we want them to stop on a split second and hand out flowers. Maybe Suh should partner up with Ray Lewis and he can help him try and be the same player they hired and still have the aggresiveness. I see games every week where ish happens and the refs dont call it. Then its called on Suh or the Raiders (yep Bill, even sticking up for your team). Not every game is fair, but come on people. really?
Consistency is what the NFL and refs need. More than ever. As for Detroit, well i can pretty much say no playoffs for us next year. I am sure Suh will have lots of time to re-think what happened. I hope the NFL Refs do the same.


Manager of the Year Awards

Image from www.caseclothesed.com
Major League Baseball announced today their Manager of the Year Awards.

AL Manager of the year award went to Joe Maddon. For me this was a no-brainer, as he led the Rays back from a 9 game deficit to take the wild card birth away from the Red Sox. He also made the playoffs with his team after losing 3 key starters from the year before (Crawford, Garza, and Pena,) and overcoming a lengthy slew of injuries to his star player Evan Longoria.

NL Manager of the year went to Kirk Gibson. This was an easy vote as well, he took his team from a big loser last year when he took over midseason to the playoffs the next year. So no surprises here, but well deserved winners. Congrats to both of them!

Congrats Coack K!

Image From Duke University Profile

In a time with so many sports scandals on the rise, Tuesday reminded me of why I love College Sports. To see Coach Mike Krzyzewski win #903 against a talented Michigan State team was a welcome breath of fresh air.
Coach K is one of the most respected coaches who value not only coaching his players, but teaching them about life after the game. This was proof as many of his former players like Grant Hill, Shane Battier, were in the audience supporting him.
It amazes me that he has been able to stay connected to his players year in and year out.
Coach K, thank you for remaining true to the game, for caring about your players, for putting family first then your job. Thank you for keeping this fan of the game, a fan.

No NBA?!

Image From sportspagemagazine.com
In the day where image is everything, it amazes me that the NBA and it's players were unable to reach an agreement to save their season. David Stern and the owners have stalled any growth that the league was having/going to have for the near future. This lockout has tarnished the league for the fans. Those fans will now lose interest in the game, beacause even if a season happens this year it's going to be a very punctuated one with the possibility of replacement players.

The NBA needs to see that they are a different league than the NFL. Players in the NFL are covered by helmets and protective equipment and rarely seen like the players in the NBA. Players in the NBA are the reason the fans flock to the arenas not the teams. This was evidenced by the "dream team/big 3" being assembled in Miami (and the big 3 in Boston a few years ago.) Fans were finally showing up and staying for the length of the games in South Beach.

So the players asking for a little bit more than the owners seems like a fair deal to me. The owners now have the ball in their court. I dare them put in replacement players and see what their team brand gets them. No fans in the arenas and no fans watching the substandard game will wake them up in a hurry. Owners can't make money when there aren't games (except from memorabilia sales) while players can go play in other leagues internationally and still make a decent living. If the owners want these games to be played, they need to realize that the players bring fans to the games. Not the rich owners up in the press box that don't care about the people making them money (players) or the fans filling their arenas.

Get the deal done and save your league owners! Else someone might just make a new league and you will be holding onto rights that will be worth nothing in the end.