UW Mens Bball - Heartbreak

Being a Wyoming native, you really have no sports team to pride yourself on and call your own. You felt stupid wearing a UW sports anything outside of Laramie. A few nuggets over the year gave us some pride. But the start of the men's hoops season made us feel special. Wyoming was nationally ranked, and undefeated, beside a few respectable schools. So, naturally, I wanted to go see them. I wasn't aware of the situation change by the time I arrived at the AA in Laramie. The star player for our Cowboys was suspended, from what I hear for involvement in a bar fight. It was disgusting how much of a difference one player made. In the first half, UNLV quickly took a 20 point lead, and held it the entire game. UW was making no effort to rebound, no effort for loose balls, no effort on the fast breaks, and no effort shooting. At the half, the pokes were 9/40+ shooting. Their were moments of rebounding with one white jersey in for the ball, surrounded for 5 black jerseys. Easy steals were available, but we were more concerned with guarding the player then going for the ball. Every possession was taken to the shot clock and forced. This wasn't the team I thought I was paying to see. This game left me depressed, and disappointed. I was ashamed and embarrassed that I bought Wyoming gear to wear to this event. If not for other plans for my trip and visiting family, it would have been a wasted trip. The highlight if the night was watching a local a row back suffer a series of minor heart attacks screaming vulgarities in disapproval for the effort our team showed, and myself shouting "I love waffles!" My only regret is not starting a "We want tacos" chant. Folks, UW's 5 minutes of fame are over. Take the gold and yellow off, and hang your head low. We're back to the way things were.

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