NBA Finals

Heat Win Game 6, Force Game 7

In a game that looked all but over at the end of the third quarter, Miami (mostly Lebron James) came back with a furious fourth quarter and forced an overtime. This was an uncharacteristic comeback for the Heat, especially Lebron, who had struggled mightily in the series up to this point. Shooting only 3-12 in the previous three quarters of the game, James went on to shoot something to the note of seven out of ten shots in the fourth quarter. Although the Spurs were given every chance to win the game in regulation, they missed one clutch shot after another. Ray Allen hit a last second, desperation pullback three point shot to tie the game. After an official review to make sure the shot was a legitimate three point shot, Tim Duncan entered the game illegally, and Tony Parker missed a last second jumper for the win.

Overtime saw a much less interesting five minute period, in which both teams struggled to make shots. Eventually the Heat pulled away, and with a last second block (erm, foul) by Chris Bosh on Danny Green's potential tying three point attempt, Miami secured at least one last game with the San Antonio Spurs. This game will take place tomorrow night at 7:00pm MT in Miami for the trophy. 

Prediction: Spurs win, gain a lot of new "fans" from the Miami fan base. 

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