Oakland A's Stadium and San Jose

Coliseum Woes Continue to Overshadow A's Great Season

A sewage backup in the O.co Coliseum has cause a huge stir in the Oakland Athletics clubhouse in the last few days. Despite the A's winning ways, currently sitting thirteen games above .500 at 43-30 with a 3 game lead over the nearest Texas Rangers, the focus has once again been on their aging stadium. The issue has yet to be resolved in the quest to move the team to the nearby Silicon Valley, and San Jose. MLB and Bud Selig are now faced with an antitrust lawsuit, spurred on by the latest incident that saw both the visiting Mariners and the Athletics having to shower in the Oakland Raiders locker room together. 

Given Selig's snail pace to get the issue resolved, I am not surprised by the lawsuit. However, being a longtime fan of the Athletics, I also don't think the solution is up and moving the team. Here are some potential things to look at for A's/MLB fans. 
  • There are options in Oakland
    • Massive renovations to the Coliseum (not likely)
    • New stadium in Oakland (Clorox and other local companies have pledged assistance to keep the team in Oakland) Likely to happen if Lew Wolff changes his stance on "needing" to move the team.
    • Raiders get new stadium, Coliseum becomes baseball only, renovations to follow. I see this as most likely, since NFL seems to drag their feet less than MLB.
  • Move to San Jose
    • More money for everyone involved except city of Oakland. Potentially higher payroll to help keep home-grown talent. Also very likely that Wolff becomes the next Jeffrey Loria (get taxpayers to foot the bill for the new stadium, then cut payroll to pocket more money.)
    • Gets rid of MLB's antitrust exclusion, cities would then be able to lobby for teams to come to them. Larger markets would soon be taking small market teams. (No more Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland A's, Kansas City Royals, etc...) Extremely unlikely, MLB will likely avoid this at all costs. 
What I eventually see happening is the A's ownership and MLB will come up with a joint agreement with the San Francisco Giants (who own San Jose territorial rights.) This agreement will probably include several hundred million dollars changing hands from the A's to the Giants. Keep in mind that these rights had basically been given to the Giants from the A's to save their franchise back in the 90's (?) Now that the A's are basically trying to do the same thing, the Giants owners are refusing to work in the best interest of baseball and only working in the best interest of their own pocketbooks. Not that I want the A's to move, in fact I don't, but Wolff won't sell the team, and he wants to be elsewhere. The A's franchise deserves a better, or improved stadium, and I'm hoping either take place in Oakland rather than San Jose. 

So once again A's fans, if you're looking for your daily reason to hate the Giants, here it is. Let's all hope that a resolution is found that can keep the Green and Gold Oakland for many years to come. #SaveOaklandBaseball

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